Although I used to be a rock climber, I have to tell you here and now that a Sacco Consulting Team Build does not involve  bungee jumping, climbing, or river rafting.  And you don't have to make up team songs, or lead each other blindfold through the courtyard.  If you really want to do this, we can arrange it after hours, but here is what we will be doing during the actual team-building event: 

The Sacco Consulting approach to team building is to engage in meaningful dialogue. We create the safe space in which the team can really grapple with the issues and rise to their challenges.  Our approach is, of course, Appreciative - we encourage teams to look for what is best about themselves and to build on those qualities - and Transactional - we encourage self-awareness, self-reflection, and change towards effective interpersonal interactions. 

Team building is designed to meet your team's specific needs.  Marguerite meets with the team-build organiser to discuss what is required and to draw on the tools and methodologies best suited for those needs. Logisitics are also considered, so sometimes we work on weekends, or Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings.  It simply depends on you.  



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