"It's not difference that divides us. It's our judgements about each other that do."  (Margaret Wheatley)

The methodologies and philosophies of  Appreciative Inquiry and Transactional Analysis both work very effectively for Cultural Diversity processes.  

My particular approach here is first to provide information about the undelyng psychological and neurological processes at play when we work in diversity. This allows us to understand why we act the way we do, and how we can do it better.  I then take groups through the encouraging process of Appreciative Inquiry, towards a discovery of what it is that makes us strong and whole, and trusting of each other in our diversity.  From that realisation, we find ways to build on those strengths and sustain a newfound respect for each other into the future.

The process is uplifting, truthful, reconciling and regenerating.  I love this work!




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