Please join me

on a beautiful path towards a deeper self-discovery and understanding

of your relationship with yourself and with others.

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Who will this benefit: 

ALL human beings wanting to learn more about:

  • Your own psychological make-up;
  • Managing personal and professional relationships;
  • Leadership;
  • The management of self and others;
  • Parenting communication in parent child relationships;

On this two day course you will learn about:

The Self

  • The TA theory of life patterns and the impact of that on yourself and your interactions with others;
  •  The theory of  life script, and how  you made your earliest  life decisions and the impact that has had on your existence;
  • A theory of autonomy and the human effort to achieve it;
  • Effective tools for a powerful and healthy mindset


  • The TA analysis of the games people play,  how to recognize them and how to avoid being “played” by other people;
  • TA communication tools
  • Powerful tools for effective relationships , be they personal or work-related

The underlying philosophy is one of mutual self-respect and caring and a belief in peoples’ ability to be responsible, think for themselves and make their own decisions.

The TA 101 is the official introduction to transactional analysis. The course is delivered by a Certified Transactional Analyst and is officially recognised by the International Transactional Analysis Association (IATA). Students who participate in the whole course are awarded the ITAA TA 101 Certificate.


Definition and underlying values of transactional analysis and its areas of application

  • Philosophical principles of TA
  • Definition of Autonomy
  • The Contractual method

A brief overview of the development of transactional analysis

  • Eric Berne and the development of TA
  • Transactional Analysis worldwide

Theory of personality – ego states

  • Definition and description of ego states
  • Structure, stimulus and recognition hungers
  • Ego state contaminations and exclusions

Theory of communication

  • Types of transactions and how they affect communication
  • Strokes and time structuring

Theory of life patterns

  • Scripts and life beliefs, game analysis, and racket systems

About the facilitator

Marguerite Sacco is a Certified Organisational Transactional Analyst, (CTA)(O).  She has 14 years' experience working in Organisations in the field of TA in leadership and management development.  She is also a trained Neurofeedback practitioner, coach, and Appreciative Inquiry facilitator. Marguerite works and resides in South Africa and has recently extended her work in Organisational TA into Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the Middle East.

Testimonial: Nicola Tiley – Allan Gray

"The concepts taught on this course apply to every person who has interactions with others. The TA models have given me additional lenses to use when looking at life. I found it immensely valuable to understand what my drivers are, and how different people have different drivers. I have also gained a deeper understanding of how I think and view the world. The group I did the course with also added great value with their different worldviews and standpoints. Every week after our sessions, I could see the concepts play out in real life. I was able to identify my own psychological rackets and games, and explore these with Marguerite, which helped me realize the life position I was reinforcing with the game. Marguerite explained all the concepts really well, bringing in real-life examples from her previous experiences which helped further my understanding. Marguerite is highly skilled at asking deep, probing questions in a coaching manner that allows the respondent to reach their own solutions. Marguerite has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The course met and exceeded my expectations. I found myself marveling at Eric Berne’s insights gained through his observation of people. I will use what I’ve learnt in this course throughout my life. "


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