Nicola Tiley – Allan Gray:

The concepts taught on this course apply to every person who has interactions with others. The TA models have given me additional lenses to use when looking at life. I found it immensely valuable to understand what my drivers are, and how different people have different drivers. I have also gained a deeper understanding of how I think and view the world. The group I did the course with also added great value with their different worldviews and standpoints. Every week after our sessions, I could see the concepts play out in real life. I was able to identify my own psychological rackets and games, and explore these with Marguerite, which helped me realize the life position I was reinforcing with the game. Marguerite explained all the concepts really well, bringing in real-life examples from her previous experiences which helped further my understanding. Marguerite is highly skilled at asking deep, probing questions in a coaching manner that allows the respondent to reach their own solutions. Marguerite has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. The course met and exceeded my expectations. I found myself marveling at Eric Berne’s insights gained through his observation of people. I will use what I’ve learnt in this course throughout my life. 

Frances Wood – Kropz SA:

"Marguerite has presented each class in a very organized and efficient manner, and notwithstanding the challenges of online classes, all slides and notes were conveyed professionally.  Marguerite has an extensive knowledge of TA and with her excellent communication skills, has created a good rapport with the group and subsequently we are now continuing with TA 102. I highly recommend Marguerite for the endeavour that she is pursuing as what she has to offer will prove to be a valuable asset to any organization."

Nic da Silva – Allan Gray:

“Marguerite facilitated the course in an engaging and interesting way. She used a combination of pre-reading, homework, exercises and smaller breakout rooms to create different dynamics between the course attendees. The breakout rooms were particularly valuable as they often raised insights that people were perhaps uncomfortable sharing in the larger group and resulted in some valuable practical application of the theory that was being covered on the course.

As a fan of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Enneagram and Situational Leadership, I found the course to be extremely applicable in the work context. Providing tools that help one understand the underlying drivers of people’s behaviour allows one to act and lead with more empathy and understanding. This understanding helps one get the most out of people and become more self-aware and deliberate in how one interacts with people.

I can really recommend this course as well as Marguerite as a valuable addition to any company’s organisational development and leadership training”

Paul de Kock – Global Energetics:

“Marguerite is a great teacher on the path to self discovery. Transactional Analysis has been a great tool to learn more about myself and understand those around me better. I find it a great resource to understand where my staff are at, which allows me to help them motivate themselves which in turn has helped them bond better as a team. Now they don't just turn up to do a day's work. They now realise the importance of looking for solutions and opportunities"

Steve Mathew – M.D. Fireworkx:

“I have worked with Marguerite every week over the last year. She is leading and facilitating a group of people who are studying Transactional Analysis. Marguerite brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each session. But she doesn't do it in a "let me tell you" way at all. Instead, she shares her wisdom by extracting practical examples from the group members - so it's always real and meaningful. She arrives prepared, has an agenda, has a slide deck and a game plan and then proceeds to help us unravel the material and situation in an inquisitive and inspiring way. I've lost count of the number of "aha moments" I've had, as she's recalling a relevant story from her past experience. Even when the topics are sensitive or uncomfortable, she never flinches and isn't afraid to help people to discover the real underlying issue. All this with compassion and understanding.  I would highly recommend her to lead or facilitate any group wanting to learn."     

Ian Duraan, SAAF:

  "Marguerite was contracted by the SA Air Force to assist and enhance training at the Central Flying School flight training facility. She concentrated on facilitating inter-personal relationships and conflict resolution as part of the training model. She is the one person that has made the biggest difference in training methodology in the last decade at the school. The value of her input is (positively) visible in the younger Air Force generation and for a civilian to achieve that in a military environment is nothing short of amazing."   


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