Transactional Analysis 101

"It's not difference that divides us. It's our judgements about each other that do."  (Margaret Wheatley) The methodologies and philosophies of  Appreciative Inquiry and Transactional Analysis both work very e

ORGANISATIONAL/TEAM STRATEGIC PLANNING - CREATING YOUR ORGANISATION'S DESIRED FUTURE The AI Process facilitates the achievement of a positive, desired future for the organisation and its people. In the words of Margaret Wheatly: "

This programme develops the skill of coaching for effective leadership and management.  Once mastered, coaching as a management style enables you to empower your teams to do the job for themselves, right first time. Outcomes

We use the psychology of human interactions through the theory and practice of TA to equip leaders with the tools and language they need to communicate better, build teams, and motivate employees.  THE BASIC PROGRAMME MODULES 1.  

Although I used to be a rock climber, I have to tell you here and now that a Sacco Consulting Team Build does not involve  bungee jumping, climbing, or river rafting.  And you don't have to make up team songs, or lead each other blindfo

This programme provides skills, tools, knowledge and awareness needed to develop and apply emotional intelligence in our personal and working lives. Programme Outline: Emotional Intelligence Principles Self Awareness Self Management S

Using the models of TA we perform a diagnosis of the organisation or teams within the organisation, analysing the culture, energetic levels, motivation and climate. The models used to perform the analysis are Organisational Ego States, Transact
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